Whitening Lacey


Tooth whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedures in the country. Not surprisingly, the dental office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS also provides teeth whitening services in the Lacey, WA area for an increasing number of people who want to enhance their smiles.

The discoloration of teeth is unsightly and affects your appearance adversely. We offer teeth whitening at our Lacey clinic as the easiest as well as the most inexpensive way of making these unattractive teeth look clean and bright again. can get stained and discolored over the years.

The main reasons for this are:

  • Sustained tobacco use
  • Excessive intake of wine, sodas, sports drinks, tea and coffee
  • Eating lots of berries
  • Aging

We provide in-house whitening treatment and also offer the option of take-home methods like teeth bleaching trays or whitening strips that patients can use at their leisure.

Lacey Teeth Whitening


People these days are obsessed with improving their appearance. But limited finances make them look for money-saving teeth whitening options. That is the reason many of them opt for do-it-yourself teeth bleaching kits.

They should know that careless or indiscriminate use of tooth whiteners can be extremely harmful. The teeth and gums can be badly damaged if the right products or techniques for teeth whitening are not used.

It is best to let qualified dental professionals like us monitor the process. Do not take a short-cut only to rue the decision your whole life. Keep your teeth and beautiful smile protected by coming to us every time you need to get teeth whitening done in the Lacey area.

With us, you have the peace of mind from knowing that the teeth bleaching and whitening will be carried out:

  • By seasoned technicians who know their job
  • Safely
  • In a hygienic and controlled environment

Teeth Bleaching Lacey


Oral health is not something to be taken lightly as it has a major impact on your overall well-being. That is why it is important that you turn to a trusted professional even for a seemingly minor job like teeth whitening and bleaching.

We are the foremost source for teeth bleaching services in the Lacey area. We perform the teeth bleaching procedure with an eye on ensuring that your teeth are whitened:

  • With instant results that last for a long time
  • Without any pain or inconvenience to you
  • Carefully, protecting the teeth from damage
  • For an affordable cost

To learn more about teeth bleaching and whitening services around Lacey, call Austin R. Smith III, DDS at (360) 352-2400.