Tenino Veneers


With mastery in cosmetic as well as general dentistry, the dental clinic of Austin R. Smith III, DDS offers services for porcelain veneer application to brighten up smiles and make teeth look:

  • Straighter
  • More even
  • Whiter

In the process of putting dental veneers on our Tenino, WA patients, we fix custom-made thin shells of porcelain onto the surface of their teeth.

A veneer is considered a better alternative to a dental crown because it requires less of the natural tooth surface to be removed. While there are several materials from which veneer can be made, porcelain is preferred because the veneers have a very realistic appearance and high durability.

Fixing porcelain veneers on crooked, chipped, discolored, stained, or worn down teeth has such quick and amazing results that the technique is also given the name of ‘instant orthodontics’.

It must be kept in mind, however, that it takes great experience and skill to create excellent porcelain veneers. Tenino residents are in luck because our dentist has both these qualities in abundance.

Tenino Porcelain Veneers


Make our dental office your first stop if you are interested in getting porcelain veneers for improving how your teeth look. We can meet all your requirements for the tooth cap. Do not hesitate to come to us whether you have a single tooth that needs veneer application or several teeth. The only condition is that your teeth should be in good enough condition to have a porcelain veneer procedure.

Are you wondering about the entire process of placement of porcelain veneers? Let us explain. Our procedure for fixing porcelain veneers for Tenino patients has the following steps:

  • Planning (choosing the proper shade of veneers)
  • Preparation of teeth
  • Placement of temporaries (optional)
  • Bonding of veneer to the tooth

Tenino Veneer


Our dentists are committed to extending the finest possible services and treatments to all their patents. We work diligently at veneer fabrication and application to ensure that after treatment the tooth:

  • Does not look conspicuous
  • Seems exactly like the natural teeth around it
  • Works well for years to come

At our dental facility, veneer for every Tenino patient is custom-crafted with sharp attention to detail, using top-quality material, and is bonded to the tooth with a powerful, reliable bonding agent.

We take care that the entire procedure is completed in the shortest time possible, in minimal visits, and at an affordable price.

Visit Austin R. Smith III, DDS for undetectable veneer application. Tenino residents can call us at (360) 352-2400.