Tooth Crown Lacey


Among the many top-quality cosmetic dentistry treatments available at the clinic of Austin R. Smith III, DDS are dental crowns. In the Lacey, WA area we can custom craft a tooth crown for you to restore any tooth compromised by decay or trauma. Also known as tooth cap, a tooth crown is fitted over the damaged tooth to keep it protected while bringing back its natural form and function.

We typically provide crowns for:

  • Hiding discolored, misshapen or worn-down teeth
  • Keeping a broken tooth together or supporting a weak tooth
  • Covering teeth implants
  • Holding a dental bridge in place

Getting a custom-made tooth crown fitted at our Lacey clinic assures you of good oral health. Since it encapsulates the entire tooth, your dental crown strengthens it to provide vigor to your bite and gives it a protective barrier to avoid further breakdown. At the same time, the tooth crown ensures a natural-looking smile by restoring the shape and appearance of the compromised tooth.

Dental Crown Lacey


We strive to provide our patients with crowns that replicate the look and working of their original tooth. Our dentists realize that everyone who comes to for a dental crown wants one that no one can detect as anything other than a natural tooth.

That is why we provide highly customized services and are very meticulous with the dental crown procedure for every Lacey area patient. The process followed at our dental office while performing tooth crown treatment include:

  • Taking X-rays to examine area around the affected tooth
  • Determining the right size and color of dental crown to be made
  • Filing the tooth, if needed, to ensure a good fit for the tooth crown
  • Placing the crown on the tooth and cementing it in place

Lacey Crowns


We believe in gentle dentistry practices. Our focus while performing dental crowns is on completing the procedure as fast and painlessly as possible. However, we are equally committed to delivering the finest quality tooth crown treatment that brings lasting relief and comfort to our patients.

To make sure of secure and perfectly fitted crowns for our Lacey area patients, we:

  • Give personalized, detailed attention to each procedure
  • Use the most advanced dental technology
  • Make the crowns with top-grade materials
  • Offer care instructions for prolonging the life of crowns

Want to know more about tooth crowns? Need to schedule a consultation for dental crown treatment at the Lacey area clinic of Austin R. Smith III, DDS? Call (360) 352-2400.