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When you visit our office, we assure that you will get the most professional pediatric and family dental work near Tenino, Washington. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re our patient, we are devoted to giving you the most effective dental experience.

As an all-inclusive family dental practice, we provide all the standard treatments of a general dentist like cleanings, check-ups, root canal therapy and tooth fillings.

Comprehensive Dentistry at Austin R. Smith III DDS

Austin R. Smith III DDS is the dental practitioner for you and your family near Tenino, Washington and you’re guaranteed a great appointment. Our qualified dentists work deliberately with our thoughtful, courteous staff of dental assistants to make your appointment as easy and comfortable as possible.

The dental services we provide to all patients consist of:

Dental Emergencies

Emergency dentistry is necessary if you are experiencing intense pain or have been injured. If you have a tooth knocked out, pushed into the jawbone or if a tooth has been pushed out of normal alignment, you should call us right away. Emergency dental services are most successful if finished within an hour.

Dental Extractions

You may need to have your teeth pulled under specific conditions for the benefit of your oral and overall health. These include tooth pulp infection, infection risk, crowding, an impacted tooth or gum disease.

Dental Implants

When you have lost a tooth but want to evade dental bridges, think about dental implants. These use titanium to fuse directly to the jaw bone. These implants are considered a stable fix.

Dental Restorations

It may become necessary for you to receive dental reparation in the form of cavity filling, crown placement, bridges, and root canals extractions. We also provide curative implants and veneers in our Tenino, Washington offices.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our friendly staff is great with children and we are dedicated to making brushing and flossing easy for them. We give special attention to preemptive care, along with performing complete oral health checkups, evaluating orthodontic problems, tracking tooth and jaw development, and administering topical fluoride and sealants.

Root Canals

These can become critical when you have an abscess, tooth pain from heat or cold, debilitating tooth pain, rawness and swelling or sensitivity that causes trouble when eating or speaking. During these procedures in our office, we will take out pulp, nerves, bacteria and decay and then fill the space with medicinal dental materials. Often, without this procedure, tooth removal would be necessary. This procedure is often a perpetual resolution.

Routine Dental Care

This includes six-month examinations, teeth polishing and radiographs and, if required, periodontal cleanings and examinations of tooth degeneration and repairs, oral cancer scanning, and oral hygiene recommendations.

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