Family Dental Clinic for Olympia, WA

Deciding on a reliable family dental clinic is easy when you choose the office of Austin R. Smith lll, DDS. Conveniently located near Olympia, WA, Dr. Smith provides the best dental care for your entire family, regardless of age. Our staff is dedicated to making sure each of our clients are comfortable and well taken care of during every procedure. We offer the highest quality oral care in the capitol.

We know that not every patient likes spending time at the dentist, which is why our office is peaceful. The staff with Dr. Smith strives to create an atmosphere where children and adults can relax before and during any dental procedure. To ease worry and build trust with the staff, we provide an explanation of your procedures step-by-step if needed. By making sure your questions are answered adequately, you can rest at ease knowing that your teeth are in the best care available.

Dr. Smith’s Dental Care

Dr. Smith uses the most up-to-date methods, products and technologies in the field of dental sciences. This knowledge allows him to practice the most current procedures in use. This level of attentiveness ensures that you always have the best instruction on maintaining optimal oral health between visits. You are always promised a great visit with Dr. Smith. Combine routine preventive care visits with Dr. Smith and practical measures at home, and your teeth will be well taken care of.

To make sure your visits are as comfortable and effective as possible, we offer an array of services, including:

Pediatric Dentistry
We believe in teaching children the correct way to brush and floss their teeth. With that know-how, your children have the opportunity to implement great oral care at home. We understand how imperative proper dental care is, so we make it fun for them. There is always special attention given to preventive care when working with children. Our staff enjoys working with children of all ages and performs complete oral health assessments for orthodontics, tracing tooth and jaw development and administering topical fluoride and sealants.
Dental Emergencies
Dental emergencies are a common occurrence in children, toddlers and adults. Emergency dentistry can happen at any time for any reason, so we offer this service as part of our general practice. When an emergency or dental injury occurs, call us immediately.
Dental Extractions
It is not something that every patient must face, however, having a tooth removed can happen. When it becomes necessary, Dr. Smith can take care of it. Reasons for extraction include tooth pulp infection, infection risk, crowding, an impacted tooth or gum disease.
Dental Implants
Missing teeth can be addresses in several ways. Dental implants are popular and a great alternative to bridges. Titanium posts are embedded in the jaw and have a realistic tooth secured to the post. Implants are a reliable fix for missing teeth.
Dental Restorations
Dental restorations include filling a cavity, having a crown placed, bridges installed and root canals. At our family dental office, we provide all of these as well as restorative implants and veneers.
Root Canals
An abscessed tooth may require a root canal to alleviate the pain. Abscessed teeth can be debilitating as well as cause rawness in the mouth, swelling and sensitivity that makes eating and speaking difficult. Dr. Smith will perform these procedures in our family dental office near Olympia. Occasionally, without this procedure, a tooth extraction would be necessary.
Routine Dental Care
Regularly scheduled dental exams are necessary for a healthy mouth and teeth. Dr. Smith’s family practice provided six-month check-ups, radiograph periodontal cleanings and examinations of tooth decay and renewals when needed. Oral cancer screening and oral hygiene recommendations are part of our routine care too.

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If you reside in the Olympia, WA area, and need a reliable and effective family dentist, who treats all ages your solution is Dr. Austin R. Smith. We provide general, cosmetic and restorative dental services. Call our office today. Place your teeth in the capable hands of our dental professionals