Dentistry for the Whole Family near Dupont, WA


Our office provides high quality pediatric and family dentistry services to people in Dupont, WA. At the dental office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS we assure that you will receive the most professional pediatric and family dentistry possible. If you’re a patient in Dupont, WA, we are dedicated to giving you the best dental experience. As an all-inclusive family dental practice we provide all the dental services you need, for the whole family.


Family Dental Services


For the greatest family dental services in Dupont, WA, make an appointment at Austin R. Smith III, DDS. Our professional dentists work carefully with our caring, kind staff of dental assistants and hygienists to make your visit as smooth and comfortable as possible. We offer the following dental services for Dupont, WA:


Dental Emergencies and Extractions


Serious dental damages occur most often in children and toddlers, but they can also occur in adulthood. If someone in your family needs emergency dental services, we can help. Whether you need to address a tooth that’s been knocked out or pull one that is causing trouble, we can take care of it.


Pediatric Dentistry


Our friendly staff is great with children and we are committed to making brushing and flossing more exciting for them. We give special attention to preventative care, along with performing all-inclusive oral health assessments, evaluating orthodontic issues, tracing tooth and jaw development, and applying topical fluoride and sealants.


Routine Dental Care


It doesn’t matter how old you are, you need routine dental care! Six-month inspections are important to keep mouths of all ages healthy and taken care of. Show your kids you take teeth seriously by getting a cleaning at the same time they do!


Cosmetic Dental Care for the Family


Dental Implants


When you have a tooth missing but want to avoid dental bridges, think about dental implants. These use titanium to fuse straight to the jaw bone. These implants are considered a lasting fix and can be created to match the shape and color of the teeth you already have.


Dental Restorations


It may become necessary for you to receive dental rebuilding in the way of cavity fillings, crown placement, bridges, and root canal abstractions. Each of these options has its own merits, contact our office to find out more about each.


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If you live in Dupont, WA, the office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS is a premier choice for top-of-the-line, family dental care. For more information about our pediatric, general, and cosmetic dental services, call our office today at 360-352-2400.