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Emergency Dentistry for Olympia, WA

When you think of medical emergencies, you probably think of a broken arm or other physical ailment. However, damaged teeth can be just as painful as any other physical emergency. These dental emergencies need to be addressed immediately. If you or a loved one experiences a toothache, missing teeth or jaw pain, turn to our team. We’ve been providing emergency dentistry to Olympia, WA residents for years. We’ll be able to help you, no matter the emergency.

Our Emergency Dental Services

If you have any of the following dental emergencies, our experienced staff will be able to bring you relief. Read more about our services:

  • Toothaches: Toothaches might seem like a minor problem. But when left untreated, they can cause much bigger problems. Ignoring a toothache can cause tooth decay, which in turn can damage the nerve and form an abscess. If you experience tooth sensitivity, schedule an exam today.
  • Breaks, Chips or Cracks: Accidents happen. But it’s how you handle accidents that matters. If you have a broken, chipped or cracked tooth, schedule an appointment immediately. Even if you aren’t experiencing pain, an untreated damaged tooth can break further over time.
  • Loosened or Avulsed Teeth: Whether it happened during a sporting event or an accident, a loosened or avulsed tooth can cause major problems. Don’t hesitate to call— our dentists can help.

After you received a tooth injury, there are a few steps you can take to avoid further damage. We recommend that you wash your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to your face. This will help alleviate pain and puffiness. If your tooth has fallen out completely, don’t touch the roots or wash it. Put it in milk and bring it to the office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS as soon as possible.

When you come to our office, our dentists will give discuss your options with you. They might be able to reinsert your tooth with a stabilizer, depending on the circumstances. We’ll be able to replace fractured pieces of teeth with fillings or crowns, depending on the severity of your fracture.

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If you or a loved one has experienced a dental emergency, don’t hesitate. Call our office immediately. Our emergency dentistry services will bring you the relief you need. Book an appointment today by calling 360-352-2400.