Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services near Shelton, WA

Get cosmetic dentistry from Austin R. Smith III DDS.

Your smile deserves to look its best. With the range of cosmetic dentistry options from Dr. Austin R. Smith III, you can see a whiter, brighter smile in just a few visits. We have a menu of services for your pearly whites like, veneers, whitening and composite fillings and more. Located near Shelton in Lacey, WA, we offer some of the best cosmetic dentistry services in the area.

Here is a quick sample of our popular cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Our Services

Dr. Smith’s staff is skilled enough to provide top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry services. Our hygienists and dentists strive to create a comfortable, professional atmosphere for any procedure and build friendly relationships with our patients. The following is a sample of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer.

Cosmetic Dental Whitening

Over time, smoking and dark liquids like tea can break down the protective coating on your teeth, which allows staining to occur. We offer whitening services to restore stained, dulled, or discolored teeth to their original beauty, we use safe and effective procedures. Make a visit to our clinic or give us a call if you have any questions about our teeth whitening services.

Cosmetic Dental Fillings

If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know how painful it can be. Dr. Austin R. Smith III treats these issues and guarantees an aesthetically pleasing outcome. With the help of tooth-colored composite fillings, our specialists can match the shade of your teeth exactly. It blends so well with your natural teeth, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a permanent solution to cosmetic dental problems. The thin, durable shell attaches to the top of your tooth to give you a smile that is beautiful and natural. Porcelain veneers are what you should choose if you hope to have a perfectly straight, celebrity-white smile that will turn heads.
Veneers are a set overlay, used to assist with the color and shape of your teeth. These pieces are made of thin porcelain that is directly secured to your teeth. Using specialized light technology, we will bond ultra-thin porcelain or resin composite parts to your teeth to develop a masterpiece.

Call Dr. Austin R. Smith III for great Cosmetic Dentistry

Get a smile that makes you smile! Our cosmetic dentistry services are safe for men, women and children who want to improve their smile. Feel free to call our office at 360-352-2400 before visiting if you have any questions about cosmetic dental fillings, veneers or whitening.