Cerec® Restorations

Imagine having a crown put on in one visit!

CerecWhen it comes time to restore your molar tooth or to replace an aging silver amalgam, Dr. Smith provides you with the latest chair side technology, such as CEREC®.

A digital scan of your prepared tooth is taken, similar to a photograph, and takes only seconds to capture. The computer converts the scanned image into a 3 dimensional virtual model of your tooth.

We design your new CEREC® crown on screen while you watch or relax.  Then the design data is communicated by wireless signal to our on site milling unit. Your ceramic dental restoration is prepared from a solid block of ceramic that matches your natural tooth color.

When complete, it is bonded into place and polished, ready to provide you with years of service and beauty. All in one visit!

CEREC® provides you with dental restorations that:

  • Are bio-compatible
  • Match with your tooth color
  • Are metal and mercury free
  • Wear at a similar rate to tooth structure
  • Do not require an impression
  • Are bonded for added strength
  • Minimize hot & cold sensitivity
  • Conserve natural tooth structure
  • Are placed in a single visit

For a CEREC® doctor in Lacey, WA, contact us or call us at 360-352-2400 today.