Sedation Dentistry Lacey


Is the thought of your next dental appointment giving you the chills? Relax! Sedation dentistry offered in the Lacey, WA area at the clinic of Austin R. Smith III, DDS is just the solution you need.

There are a number of people like you who have dental phobia and dread a visit to the dentist. They are anxious about the pain or discomfort they might feel and worry about the issues concerning their oral health that may be revealed.

We use sedation dentistry to ensure painless dental treatment for our patients so that they go back with a pleasant experience resolve their dental phobia for the future. Do not hesitate to ask us for sedation dentistry in Lacey if you want to get superior oral healthcare treatment from us:

  • While staying relaxed and stress-free
  • Without gag reflex during the procedure
  • In the shortest time possible

Oral Sedation Lacey


We use the technique of oral sedation to keep our Lacey area patients calm and comfortable during dental procedures. This is the most common of sedation dentistry methods. Patients are happy to opt for oral sedation because of the benefits it offers over the other options like local anesthesia.

Oral sedation is:

  • The easiest technique to administer
  • Done without the use of needles
  • Relaxing, but keeps the patient awake and responsive
  • Safe and unlikely to have side effects

Forget all the anxiety when you come to us for any type of dental treatment. Our oral sedation dentistry option assures you of a problem-free time in the clinic.

In all probability, you will not even remember the visit! Meanwhile, you can rely on us to use FDA approved products for oral sedation. Our dentist reviews your medial history before administering the sedative.

Dental Phobia Lacey


Dental phobia can create serious health complications for you. It can make you put off proper treatment of oral problems, letting things get worse and start having an adverse impact on your general health as well.

Having a dental treatment without resolving dental phobia can make the experience so uncomfortable and distressing that it increases your dread of the dental clinic.

We strive to end or at least lessen the dental phobia of Lacey area residents through sedation dentistry. You can trust us for pain-free dental treatment with trained professionals around to monitor your vitals including:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Oxygen saturation

Contact Austin R. Smith III, DDS to learn more about the benefits of oral sedation. Call our Lacey area clinic at (360) 352-2400.