Olympia Root Canal


For endodontics or tooth root canal treatment, residents of Olympia, WA have a dentist that they can rely on for highly efficient and professional services – Austin R. Smith III, DDS.

The objective of root canals is to save the natural tooth while providing relief to the patient from tooth pain that is caused by damage or infection in the tooth pulp. The root of tooth, which is the part below gumline, contains blood vessels, nerves and connecting tissues that constitute the pulp.

When this gets affected by decay or trauma to the tooth, root canal treatment is the best solution. Delaying this and letting the infection continue untreated invariably results in:

  • More severe tooth pain
  • Irreversible damage to tooth bone and tissue
  • Need for tooth extraction

We advise fast action and immediate root canal treatment for Olympia patients who want their infected and aching tooth to be saved.

Olympia Root Canal Treatment


Practicing good oral hygiene and dental care habits go a long way in keeping teeth healthy and strong. It is important to be aware of the condition of your teeth and gums so that if any dental problems do arise, they are addressed before too much harm is done.

We suggest that one should not rely only on toothache as a symptom of dental trouble. There is a strong possibility of requirement of root canal treatment for Olympia residents who are experiencing:

  • Tooth sensitivity to hot/cold lasting more than a few seconds
  • High sensitivity when biting down or touching tooth with tongue
  • Swelling of gum and face near the infected tooth

Come to us if you encounter such issues. Our dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your mouth to assess the exact problem and determine an appropriate solution.

Olympia Tooth Pain


Tooth pain can be extremely difficult to bear. It gets tough to continue with routine family or work life when you are troubled by toothache. We understand this and strive to ensure quick, lasting respite from tooth pain for Olympia residents who approach us for dental treatment.

We pride ourselves as a customer-centric and service-oriented facility. We lose no time in scheduling root canal treatment for them and while performing it, our dentists and their staff:

  • Use adequate anaesthetic for a painless procedure
  • Are attentive to detail
  • Work with sterilized tools and top-grade materials
  • Provide follow-up exam and tips for post-surgery care

For a root canal procedure to relieve tooth pain, Olympia residents can call Austin R. Smith III, DDS at (360) 352-2400.