Centralia Root Canal


Tooth pain is the one of the most common problems for which people visit a dentist. There can be several reasons for the tooth ache and depending on the cause and condition of the tooth, root canal treatment may be provided.

Get in touch with Austin R. Smith III, DDS for root canal treatment in Centralia, WA. As a reputable and experienced dentist, we offer painless and quick treatment for any type of tooth pain in Centralia. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, do contact us:

  • Swollen gums
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Pain when biting or chewing food

All of these symptoms indicate that there could be an infection in the tooth and root canal treatment may the best way to save it. Properly completed root canal treatment brings relief from the earlier mentioned symptoms.

Centralia Root Canal Treatment


Ignoring the tooth problem can only aggravate it. Not only does this gets more painful, but you might lose your tooth and have to spend on costly implants. Therefore, if you are experiencing any sort of dental problem, you must get in touch with an experienced and reputable dentist.

Contact us for root canal treatment in Centralia. We only recommend the treatment in selected cases where there is opportunity to:

  • Save the tooth from extraction
  • Damage to the remaining tooth can be reduced
  • Retain the original or natural tooth

We are well equipped and have trained and experienced nursing staff to help patients in all ways. You can contact us with your problem, get an appointment as early as possible and get relief from the tooth pain.

Centralia Tooth Pain


Many people dread the thought of visiting a dentist despite acute tooth pain. They try all sorts of remedies to do away with the tooth pain, but do not consult a dentist. This can lead to further decay of the tooth.

Trust us to offer painless treatment for tooth pain in Centralia. We care for our patients in all ways and ensure that the root canal treatment we provide will be as painless as possible. Count on us for the treatment of all dental ailments as we are:

  • Thoroughly experienced
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Reasonably priced

Do not be intimidated in any way. Get in touch with us before your dental problem aggravates.

All those experiencing any sort of tooth pain in Centralia can get in touch with Austin R. Smith III, DDS for suitable treatment. Call us at (360) 352-2400.