Aberdeen Root Canal


Are you suffering from tooth pain? It is one of the most common reasons to visit a dentist. At the dental office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS, we treat many patients who are suffering from an aching tooth and are looking for a quick and lasting treatment.

In many cases, tooth pain in patients is due to a bad infection of the tooth and often needs a root call treatment. Also known as endodontic treatment, this treatment process entails removing inflamed nerves and infected tissue pulp from inside the tooth. Then, the cavity is filled with a medicated material and a dental crown is placed to make the infected tooth look and function normally.

We offer root canal treatment to Aberdeen, WA patients. If you are experiencing persistent tooth pain and live in Aberdeen, come to us for fast and efficient relief. A root canal treatment is usually required when there is:

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot and/or cold temperatures
  • Severe toothache when chewing or putting pressure on the tooth
  • Tenderness or swelling nearby the infected tooth

Aberdeen Root Canal Treatment


It is essential to have dental problems looked at as soon as possible. You should avoid reaching a point where toothache becomes unbearable before seeing a dentist. By neglecting dental problems, you could end up losing a tooth and spending money on options such as implants.

If your tooth has been infected due to poor oral hygiene or a severe trauma, come to us for root canal treatment. Serving Aberdeen patients, this treatment can help to:

  • Improve chewing and biting
  • Save the natural tooth
  • Provide quick relief from pain

Our goal is to provide quick and convenient appointments for root canal treatment so that our patients do not have to live another day with tooth pain.

Aberdeen Tooth Pain


We realize that the fear and anxiety associated with visiting a dentist is one of the primary reasons of neglecting persistent tooth pain. That is why we strive to provide the most caring and stress-free services to our patients.

If you are suffering from tooth pain and live in Aberdeen or nearby area, visit our clinic for:

  • Compassionate care
  • Comfortable environment
  • Painless treatment

We use only the latest technology to preserve and restore your dental health. From the time you visit our clinic to the time you leave, you are sure to enjoy a positive experience with us.

Call the dental office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS for more information on our root canal treatment for Aberdeen patients. (360) 352-2400