Yelm Preventative Care


Austin R. Smith III, DDS can assist you with dependable services for preventative care in Yelm, WA. The core purpose of preventative care or preventive dentistry is to maintain good oral health.

Yelm preventative care has several known benefits and is vital for maintaining good overall health for an individual.

We can help you create a specific plan for Yelm preventative care to safeguard you from oncoming dental problems by foreseeing them and applying the necessary remedies. Much of Yelm preventative care starts with you, which is why the dentists at our clinic will guide you through comprehensive steps for keeping your oral hygiene in check.

We can help you with several measures for preventative care, including:

  • Periodic dental check ups
  • Customized dental care plan
  • Routine teeth x-rays
  • Periodic teeth cleaning

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Yelm Dental Check Up


If you have been looking for a trusted dentist to get your Yelm dental check up done, then you have arrived at the right place. Countless clients in the region rely on us for their periodic dental check ups.

A Yelm dental check up can help uncover dental issues, which could cost severe inconvenience to the individual if not detected timely.

You can count on our dental technicians to execute a comprehensive Yelm dental check up to help keep your teeth healthy. Our Yelm dental check up has been competitively priced because our company believes in providing exceptional dental solutions without burning a hole in your pocket.

We can assist you with many variations for a dental check up, such as:

  • Comprehensive oral exams
  • Limited oral examination
  • Periodic oral examination
  • Dental checkups for kids

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Yelm Dental Care


We are a pioneering dental service provider that can assist you with Yelm dental care. You should see your dentist at least once per year for an exam to check for problems in the teeth or gums.

Our Yelm dental care solutions have been uniquely designed to offer the maximum utility to our clients.

If you practice proper Yelm dental care, you can avoid or lessen the effects of several dental problems, such as cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss, periodontitis and more. Consistent Yelm dental care is a crucial measure to undertake both for adults and children alike.

We can cater to numerous inquiries associated with dental care, including:

  • Dental clinic near me
  • Dentist office near me
  • Affordable dental care
  • Family dental care

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