General Dentistry Olympia


Austin R. Smith III, DDS is pleased to offer general dentistry services for Olympia, WA residents. Our dentists work hard to meet all types of oral healthcare needs of men and women, young and old. We strive to provide gentle dentistry so that our patients leave our dental office with a very beneficial, comfortable, and satisfying experience.

Come to us for superior-quality teeth and gum care for your entire family. The comprehensive general dentistry treatments we provide include:

  • Dental exam, teeth cleaning, and teeth whitening
  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Veneers, dental implants, and crowns

Our general dentistry for Olympia residents encompasses procedures that help them achieve and maintain the best possible oral health. Whether you are looking to schedule a routine dental exam or need a more complex treatment for resolving a teeth/gum issue, we have you covered.

Olympia Gentle Dentistry


Many people have dreaded going to the dentist and viewed dental offices as unpleasant places. We have adopted gentle dentistry practices to remove the stigma of pain and stress from dental treatments. All the kids and adults who come to us for cosmetic or general dentistry services can count on us for:

  • Personalized and courteous attention
  • Quick service, with minimal waiting time in the clinic
  • The most advanced technologies and innovative treatments
  • Kind, caring, and friendly conduct all the way through

With gentle dentistry for people of Olympia and beyond, we are determined to change the typical terrifying image associated with dental clinics. We have invested in cutting-edge equipment, comfortable furniture, and relaxing décor in the dental office.

Our focus on gentle dentistry also means offering less invasive, painless, and fast-recovery procedures, along with options like sedation dentistry.

Dental Exam Olympia


We advise all of our patients to visit us at regular intervals for a dental exam. The recommended interval for dental cleaning and oral examination is once every six months.

Our dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists are all genuinely committed to helping patients enjoy optimal oral health. That is why they make sure that dental exam of every Olympia patient is conducted:

  • With the utmost diligence
  • Thoroughly, overlooking nothing
  • To provide an honest, accurate report

Based on the dental exam, any restorative or general dentistry procedure is suggested only if it is actually required.

Are you in need of general dentistry services? Consider visiting Austin R. Smith III, DDS. Come to us for patient-friendly, gentle dentistry. Olympia residents can call (360) 352-2400 to schedule an appointment.