Tenino Dental X-Ray


Dental X-ray is an essential part of the dental treatment program. An effective X-ray help in diagnosing the issues with your dental health and helping the dentist to provide the best treatment.

Austin R. Smith III, DDS is a reliable dental clinic you can visit for dental X-ray services in Tenino, WA.

Our clinic is equipped with ultra-modern technology that helps in providing among the best Tenino dental X-ray services. Our professionals thoroughly initiate the procedure to make sure the Tenino dental X-ray is getting the perfect result.

Standard, effective, fastest, and excellent Tenino dental X-ray services only go as far as our clinic.

Along with the dental X-ray services, you can choose us for:

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  • Full mouth X ray
  • Gum surgery

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Tenino Digital X-rays


We are a reputable clinic you can rely on for complete Tenino digital X-rays. Through cutting-edge technology and methodology, we examine a high level of detail of the mouth's tooth, bone, and supporting tissues.

Whether you want to get intraoral or extraoral Tenino digital X-rays, we are the clinic to rely on.

So in order to get some of the best Tenino digital X-rays results, consider relying on our clinic. We give our patients gentle and high quality dental care possible. It starts with your first call.

Do not compromise your oral health; come to us to schedule Tenino digital X-rays and be worry-free.

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  • Tooth removal

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Tenino Dental Radiology


Dental radiology helps examine the actual oral health condition. It helps the dentist to understand the actual oral condition, and if any issue is founded, then fix it. Through effective and exceptional Tenino dental radiology, dentists determine the presence or degree of periodontal disease, abscesses, and many abnormal growths, such as cysts and tumors.

We are a recognized dental clinic providing the best Tenino dental radiology services. Apart from investigating any oral disease, Tenino dental radiology help in understanding your actual oral health condition and minimizing the chances of oral disease.

Consult with our experts for the Tenino dental radiology services and get perfect results.

You can also choose us for:

  • Family dental clinic
  • Care dental
  • Teeth xray
  • Dental doctor
  • Denture implants

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