Dental X-Ray Lacey


Along with oral photography, we at the dental office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS utilize dental radiology for providing seamless oral healthcare solutions to our patients. We make diagnostic use of dental X-ray at our Lacey, WA area clinic.

A dental X-ray provides our dentist with valuable information about the teeth and gum condition that is not visible to the naked eye. It helps us a great deal in developing the best treatment plan for the issues that the dental X-rays shows. Without the ability to use dental radiology, obviously, many issues could go undetected.

We take a dental X-ray of our Lacey patients for identifying a host of problems, such as:

  • Abscesses and infections; cysts and tumors
  • Foreign bodies in gum or bone
  • Broken fillings, crowns and bridges
  • Bone loss from periodontal disease

Digital X-Rays Lacey


We keep ourselves updated with the latest dentistry treatments, procedures, equipment, and technologies. Digital radiography is one of the most modern diagnostic technologies that we have. It allows our dentists to take digital X-rays of our Lacey area patients.

In this type of dental radiology, digital sensors are used instead of the conventional photographic film for taking a mouth X-ray.

There are several ways in which digital X-rays are an improvement over the traditional ones. The advantages of digital X-rays include:

  • Fast result, with no chemical processing needed
  • Images sent to computer monitor where these can be enhanced
  • No inconvenience to the patient

You do not have to bite down on sharp swatches of film to get the dental X-ray taken or wait for it to develop. A small sensor placed inside your mouth instantly provides our dentist with the required digital X-rays.

Lacey Dental Radiology


The best thing about digital radiology is that it is safe to use. We use the top-of-the-line tools and techniques for digital X-rays that are designed to minimize radiation exposure for the patient. We do, however, advise pregnant women to avoid dental radiology procedure as much as possible and tell our dentist about their condition before the dental X-ray is taken.

Meanwhile, we take care that dental radiology services at our Lacey area clinic are provided:

  • With top priority to patient comfort
  • Expertly and flawlessly
  • At competitive rates

Book an appointment with our dentist today to consult about your dental troubles. Rest assured that we will advise dental X-ray imaging only if it is actually required.

For any questions or concerns about digital X-rays, call the Lacey area clinic of Austin R. Smith III, DDS at (360) 352-2400.