Dental Implants Yelm


Austin R. Smith III, DDS is one of the leading names you can rely on for dental implants in the Yelm, WA area. If you have missing teeth, you qualify for denture implants. However, as the process requires experience and skills, it is best to have experts like us by your side. We provide some of the most comfortable dental implants in the Yelm area.

When you reach us for dental implants in Yelm, you will find an absolutely relaxing environment and friendly staff. We ensure to keep you informed of every step so you are fully aware of what to expect. As your one-stop solution to dental implants in Yelm, you can count on us for:

  • Permanent dentures
  • Removable partial denture
  • Artificial tooth roots
  • Implant crown

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Partial Dentures Yelm


Partial dentures are important if you are missing one or more teeth. Wondering why? Yelm residents with missing teeth will soon notice that the appearance of the jaw and teeth alignment start altering. This is why partial dentures for Yelm candidates with missing teeth offers an effective solution.

When you come to us for partial dentures in Yelm, we help you with the durable, strong, and natural-looking teeth. This not only helps you maintain the jaw structure, but keeps your smile as beautiful as ever. Come to us for partial dentures in the Yelm area as we provide:

  • Partial dentures for front teeth
  • Flexible partial dentures
  • Upper partial denture
  • Affordable partial dentures

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Implants Yelm


With modern technology, you can have denture implants in Yelm within a single session as compared to multiple visits needed previously. What makes it even better is that our dentists also ensure that the crown matches the appearance and color of your natural teeth. Therefore, when you are in need of denture implants in Yelm, look no further than us.

We thoroughly evaluate your dental and physical health before beginning on the procedure for denture implants in Yelm. This ensures you get the best possible care and services at our dental facility. Once your treatment is completed with us, you will receive care instructions that will prolong the life of the new implant. Let us take care of your denture implants in Yelm as we specialize in:

  • Overdenture
  • Single denture
  • Full mouth dental implants
  • Endosteal implant

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