Dental Implants Shelton


Do you have missing teeth that are undermining your self-confidence and creating difficulty in chewing food or speaking correctly? Austin R. Smith III, DDS offers dental implants as an ideal solution.

Modern dentistry has made such advancements that nobody needs to feel awkward about their ability to eat certain foods or refrain from smiling freely. Treatments like implants and full or partial dentures have made sure that tooth loss is no longer an alarming problem.

The procedure for implants involves placing artificial tooth roots in the jaw bone to provide a foundation for fake teeth. Compared to conventional bridges or dentures, dental implants assure our Shelton patients of more secure, stronger, and reliable artificial teeth. We offer dental implants in the Shelton, WA area for replacing lost single as well as multiple teeth due to:

  • Decay
  • Gum disease
  • Trauma

Partial Dentures Shelton


The use of dental implants is also for supporting partial dentures. Implant-supported dentures tend to be more stable than regular ones. Partial dentures have clips or metal attachments that help the set fit securely to the implants. Though we can create implant-supported partial dentures for both upper and lower jaws usually, this works much better than regular dentures when fitted in the lower jaw.

We are experienced at making both regular and implant-supported partial dentures. Shelton area residents who still have a few natural teeth in their mouth can come to us for having a customized acrylic denture set made for them.

Our dentists are highly skilled and experienced professionals. You can rely on them to make your partial dentures:

  • Using top-grade materials
  • To provide a perfect fit in your mouth
  • In the shortest possible time-frame

Implants Shelton


There is a significant preference for dental implants among Shelton area residents who are looking for tooth replacement options. However, not every patient is a fit candidate for implants. Only those with adequate bone material in the jaw can expect successful implants. Some people may need bone grafting done to ensure there is enough bone mass to anchor the implant.

At our dental office, we carry out a comprehensive surgical evaluation of every patient to determine the suitability of implant procedure and decide on the number of implants they need. We work hard to provide our patients with dental implants:

  • Look like natural teeth
  • Are very efficient
  • Do not cause any pain
  • Last long

Visit Austin R. Smith III, DDS for dental implants or partial dentures in the Shelton area. Call (360) 352-2400.