Olympia Dental Implants

Quality Olympia dental implants in WA near 98501

Are you looking to resolve an issue with the help of dental implants in Olympia, WA area? Fret not! At Austin R. Smith III, DDS, our dentists offer your family, fixed dental implant treatment options to help resolve this problem.

We offer our patients the choice of either partial dentures or dental implants. Olympia dental implants are small titanium screw-like posts inserted into the jawbone. Olympia dental implants act like artificial tooth roots that hold the replacement teeth in place.

To be an effective permanent dental replacement solution, dental implants need to be brushed, flossed, and cared for just like natural ones.

You can rely on us for not just the benefits offered by Olympia dental implants but also for:

  • Removable partial denture
  • Artificial tooth roots
  • Permanent dentures
  • Crown Implant

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Olympia Partial Dentures

Premium Olympia partial dentures in WA near 98501

Partial dentures replace several teeth in an arch. Whether you lose a single tooth or a few due to an accident or poor oral hygiene practices, come to us for custom-made Olympia partial dentures.

You can visit us for traditional or implant-supported dentures which can be of several types:

  • Upper partial denture
  • Affordable partial dentures
  • Partial dentures for front teeth
  • Flexible partial dentures

There are several benefits of having your Olympia partial dentures that are attached to dental implants. Our dentists work skillfully and diligently to create seamlessly fitted Olympia partial dentures for their patients.

We work methodically along a well-defined process of dentistry to fabricate Olympia partial dentures that are an exact match to the existing impressions of our patients.

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Olympia Implants

Leading Olympia implants in WA near 98501

Our dentist takes a similarly detail-oriented, professional approach as per the international standards to perform our procedures for Olympia implants. Our dentists recommend Olympia implants for their patients only after confirming that there is adequate bone beneath the gumline.

If necessary, bone is grafted to provide a solid foundation for the dental implant.

All of us at the Olympia implants clinic are committed to delivering services that surpass the highest industry standards of dental implants for you and your family. You can come to us with full assurance of receiving Olympia implants which includes:

  • Overdenture
  • Endosteal implant
  • Single denture
  • Full mouth dental implants

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