Dental Implants Lacey


With people living longer than before, many of them need professional help with teeth that fail to keep up as they age. At the clinic of Austin R. Smith III, DDS, we offer dental implants for residents of Lacey, WA, and its surrounding areas, to rejuvenate the appearance and function of their teeth.

Implants are artificial tooth roots in the shape of screws that are surgically placed into the jawbone. These are usually made of titanium, a material that pairs well with human bone. Depending on how many natural teeth are missing, a replacement tooth or partial dentures are fixed to the dental implants.

Tooth implants are a better alternative to conventional dentures or bridges because they:

  • Are more stable
  • Look, feel, and perform more like natural teeth
  • Have a stronger biting force
  • Last much longer

We recommend dental implants for Lacey patients who may have lost one or more teeth, but still have healthy gums and enough bone in the jaw for placement.

Partial Dentures Lacey


The implant is quite versatile. While many people come to us for an implant to replace a single tooth, we also offer strategically placed implants for supporting full or partial dentures. We can provide Lacey residents with dental implants for both fixed and removable dentures.

When implants are to be used for removable full or partial dentures, we attach a rubber gasket housing to the acrylic denture that snaps the implant on/off to hold or release the denture. Implant-supported complete or partial dentures tend to be more:

  • Well-fitted
  • Secure
  • Efficient and reliable

Visit us to learn more about how we can restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile with full or partial dentures supported with dental implants.

Implants Lacey


The procedure for placing dental implants requires expertise and diligence. You cannot go to just any dentist in the neighborhood for dental implants.

Our dental office is reputed for providing high-quality services to patients in need of dental implants in Lacey. Our experienced dentists work meticulously to place every implant:

  • With utmost precision
  • Without pain or discomfort to the patient
  • As quickly as possible

Austin R. Smith III, DDS is the go-to-expert for single tooth implants and multiple implants for full or partial dentures in Lacey. Call (360) 352-2400.