Dental Implants Hoquiam


As a person ages, their natural teeth become weak, and those teeth must be replaced. Using partial dentures is one option, but implants are more comfortable. Implants not only provide better bonding with the jawbone, but they also offer better functionality and appearance just like natural teeth. When done by a trained and experienced dentist, dental implants can be the best thing for your dental health.

Austin R. Smith III, DDS offers high-quality services for dental implants for Hoquiam, WA residents. Patients suffering from poor dental health and missing teeth can opt for dental implants and return to their ability to eat properly, smile, and be confident.

Schedule an appointment with us to learn whether dentures or implants would be better. Both the dental procedures have their pros and cons, and the condition of the patient and extent of dental damage will determine which is the best. Get in touch with us to get dental implants in Hoquiam, the advantages of which include improved:

  • Speech
  • Comfort and self-confidence
  • Oral health
  • Appearance

Partial Dentures Hoquiam


Partial dentures are ideal for those patients that have one or two missing teeth. The remaining teeth must compensate for the missing teeth, and that puts more pressure on them. By using partial dentures, you can cover the missing teeth, thereby supporting the otherwise healthy natural teeth.

Rely on us for implanting partial dentures around Hoquiam. Having partial dentures for your teeth is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Less invasive option
  • Prevents the shifting of remaining teeth
  • Keep the tooth structures engaged

Partial dentures help keep the natural teeth in good condition, which would otherwise deteriorate faster due to the missing teeth.

Implants Hoquiam


The absence of teeth due to any reason can restrict your ability to eat correctly. While using partial dentures is a solution, implants are considered better for those that like to have more natural-like teeth. Implants are like artificial tooth roots which a crown or bridge is attached and are a long term and versatile solution for patients.

Count on us when you need dental implants in the Hoquiam area. Get in touch with our dentist to discuss whether you fall in any of the following categories to receive implants:

  • Have one or more missing teeth
  • A bridge that needs replacement
  • Are not comfortable with traditional dentures
  • Pain or problems due to missing teeth

In the Hoquiam area, get partial dentures or implants from Austin R. Smith III, DDS. Call (360) 352-2400.