Dental Implants Chehalis


If you are looking for a reputable clinic for dental implants in Chehalis, WA you are at the right place. Implants become essential for patients that have lost one or two teeth and do not require a full set of dentures.

Get in touch with Austin R. Smith III, DDS when you require dental implants in Chehalis. We are a reputable dental clinic and have been offering all types of dental services for Chehalis residents for years. Trust us for providing any of the following dental implants in Chehalis:

  • Endosteal
  • Subperiosteal
  • Zygomatic
  • Bone augmentation
  • Ridge expansion

We can provide you cost estimates for the partial dentures and dental implants in Chehalis enabling you to make an informed choice.

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Partial Dentures Chehalis


For those that have lost a few teeth and require partial dentures in Chehalis, we are the best choice. Partial dentures help in maintaining the position of the natural teeth while filling in the spaces left by missing teeth.

Rely on us for the best quality partial dentures in Chehalis as we have helped many patients in the region. Depending upon the number of missing teeth, your age, and your overall preference, we can provide you any of the following partial dentures in Chehalis:

  • Cast partial
  • Removable partial
  • Flexible partial
  • Acrylic denture

Each of these variants of partial dentures has its pros and cons. The choice of any of these would depend on several factors which our dentist can discuss with you.

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Implants Chehalis


Looking for a reputable and established clinic for implants in Chehalis? Look no further, we are pioneers in offering all types of dental procedures in Chehalis as we are highly experienced, well equipped, and very knowledgeable about the latest techniques and equipment.

Count on us when you require any type of implants in Chehalis. We have specialist dentists that cater to those patients that require implants. This ensures safe and comfortably executed procedures. Correctly implanted implants give the patients improved:

  • Oral health
  • Appearance and smile
  • Oral comfort
  • Speech

Whatever the type of implants chosen, they give the wearer the comfort of speech and eating. The missing spaces being filled properly make the face appear normal. Get in touch with us to learn about the available options of implants and their cost in Chehalis.

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