Shelton Dental Filling


The wide-ranging services delivered by Austin R. Smith III, DDS include providing dental filling treatment for Shelton, WA residents. It is quite common for people of all ages to develop tooth cavities. Careless eating habits followed by poor oral hygiene practices are the general reason for cavities to develop.

We offer Shelton dental filling services to deal with the problem. While it is best if you take good care of your teeth, make sure to act fast in case you do happen to need Shelton dental filling done.

Taking tooth cavity causally and delaying the required Shelton dental filling can make you suffer a severe toothache, with a chance even of tooth loss. Contact us if you have a dental cavity. Consult us about:

  • Cavity filling benefits
  • Tooth filling process
  • Dental filling material
  • Composite filling cost

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Shelton Cavity Filling


We strive to schedule Shelton cavity filling treatment for every patient at the earliest sign possible. Tooth decay is becoming quite a common dental issue and people tend to put off their Shelton cavity filling procedure until serious complications develop.

Believe us when we say that it is very important to take dental cavities seriously. Properly cared-for natural teeth can work efficiently even in old age. It saddens us to see people lose their teeth needlessly when these could have been easily saved with timely Shelton cavity filling services.

Be proactive and visit our dental office as soon as possible for Shelton cavity filling services, allowing us to preserve the beauty, strength and functionality of your tooth. Get in touch with us today for information on:

  • Filling for tooth cavity
  • Tooth cavities filling
  • Cavity treatment
  • White composite filling

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Shelton Porcelain Fillings


We offer Shelton porcelain fillings to restore the natural look, feel and function of teeth that develop a cavity. Porcelain fillings are white-colored and can be tinted for different patients to resemble the appearance of their natural teeth.

The other advantages of Shelton porcelain fillings are the durability that it provides and the tendency to retain the same shape and size. Shelton porcelain fillings adhere strongly to the teeth. No wonder people have stopped going in for gold and silver amalgam fillings that were highly popular at one time.

Our dentist offers Shelton porcelain fillings with top-grade materials. We also ensure utmost diligence in applying the:

  • Porcelain dental fillings
  • Porcelain tooth filling
  • Porcelain cavity filling
  • Ceramic fillings

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