Rochester Dental Filling


If you have a cavity and have been advised to have a dental filling in Rochester, WA, then you must look for a reliable and reputable dentist. Tooth decay is the main reason of cavities and if the problem is not addressed on time, you will need root canal treatment.

Get in touch with Austin R. Smith III, DDS for the best services related to Rochester dental filling. We are an established dental clinic and have been offering cavity and porcelain fillings for a while now. Call us when you require Rochester dental filling, which includes:

  • Composite filling
  • Porcelain filling
  • Cavity filling
  • White tooth filling

Trust our qualified and experienced dentist for offering top quality services for Rochester dental filling. We offer several filling options like porcelain, composite resin, glass ionomer and silver amalgam.

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Rochester Cavity Filling


You might be advised to have Rochester cavity filling not just when you have tooth decay, but also when you have a cracked or broken tooth. The dental filling done for these reasons is good enough to offer natural dental appearance and functionality.

Rely on us when you require Rochester cavity filling. We have helped several individuals regain their smile and confidence. There is no need to hide your smile because of a broken tooth. Visit our clinic for Rochester cavity filling services, which includes:

  • Cast gold filling
  • White porcelain filling
  • Metal filling
  • Amalgam filling

We use the best quality filling materials when offering Rochester cavity filling. Our full focus is on saving you from having to undergo root canal treatment and that is why we ensure that the filling is done in the right manner.

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Rochester Porcelain Fillings


Your search for the best and the most reputable dental clinic for Rochester porcelain fillings ends here! Porcelain is the most popular material used for dental fillings as it is very durable and offers a natural look to the denture.

Count on us when you require Rochester porcelain fillings. We give the porcelain the tint that your teeth have to give it a natural look. Visit us when you require Rochester porcelain fillings for the following:

  • Anterior decay fillings
  • Broken tooth fillings
  • Replacing silver filling
  • Fillings for holes

The porcelain tooth filling that we provide is top quality and conducted in a very convenient manner. Call us to know more about our Rochester porcelain fillings and their pricing.

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