Cosmetic Dentistry Lacey


Of course, you should be happy and grateful for what Mother Nature gave you. You must not, however, let anyone stop you from bettering yourself any way you can. There are many ways to improve and refine personality. Having a good self-image is essential. Moreover, there is one critical aspect of your persona which the dental office of Austin R. Smith III, DDS can help enhance – your smile!

We offer cosmetic dentistry services in the Lacey, WA area for all those who are interested in improving their dental structure and smile. Our highly qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist works with a team of skilled dental assistants to provide wide-ranging treatments that give patients their best smile.

Do not worry if you are not happy with your teeth. Contact us for the ideal cosmetic dentistry solution.The cosmetic dentistry procedures at our Lacey clinic include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Bonding
  • Crowns and bridges

Cosmetic Dentist Lacey


Little changes to your teeth can give a huge boost to your looks, self-esteem, confidence, and quality of life. These are the amazing benefits that our cosmetic dentist strives to bring to you.

You could come to us for a cosmetic dentistry procedure as an elective treatment or out of dire necessity after suffering tooth damage due to injury/disease. In either case, we assure you of top-notch services rendered by a thoroughly professional cosmetic dentist.

We enjoy a stellar reputation and take pride in being the leading cosmetic dentist around Lacey. We believe that we owe this all to our:

  • Safe procedures with superb results assured
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Relaxed clinic environment
  • Friendly patient care

Dental Veneers Lacey


Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment for enhancing the smile by hiding stained, chipped, worn or misaligned teeth. These are porcelain shells bonded to the front part of the affected teeth. Dental veneers are ultra-thin and sculpted precisely as per the size, shape, and color of teeth of the patient.

Our cosmetic dentist has experience in fitting dental veneers for improving smile aesthetics as well as restoring full function of the damaged teeth. Those who come to us for dental veneers in Lacey can trust us to provide them with ones that:

  • Look just like natural teeth
  • Are made using quality materials and latest techniques
  • Last for a long time

For the services of an expert cosmetic dentist in the Lacey area, visit Austin R. Smith III, DDS. Call (360) 352-2400.