Rochester CEREC Crown


You will not have to spend time going back and forth to the office of your dentist as you would with traditional crowns thanks to our CEREC crown Rochester, WA from Austin R. Smith III, DDS. Our Rochester CEREC crown is completed in just one appointment!

Our Rochester CEREC crown service will preserve tooth structure because it requires less preparation than traditional crowns. Our Rochester CEREC crown option uses precise computer generated measuring and control to mean that you have a perfect fit the first time.

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Rochester CEREC Dentist


Many people cannot tolerate pink impression putty because it triggers their gag reflex. Fortunately, our Rochester CEREC dentist uses a slim hand-held device to take pictures of your teeth and gums, creating a digital impression instead. Not only does our Rochester CEREC dentist use digital dental impressions less invasive than trays filled with goop, but they are more accurate.

Our Rochester CEREC dentist uses the scanner that takes precise digital impressions so we can create a same day crown that fits perfectly over your tooth. It is common for temporary crowns to fall out before the permanent restoration is ready. You can avoid this scenario with our Rochester CEREC dentist.

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Rochester CEREC Restorations


Our Rochester CEREC restorations are durable enough to last for years to come. This means that you can smile with confidence knowing that your tooth restoration looks and feels natural, thanks to our Rochester CEREC restorations.

It has always been our goal to help patients feel comfortable with their smiles, which is why we provide same day dental crowns with our Rochester CEREC restorations. CEREC technology can manufacture a custom dental crown in as little as 90 minutes. This means patients can have their restorations fitted on the same day as their original appointment with our Rochester CEREC restorations.

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