Rainier CEREC Crown


Austin R. Smith III, DDS is the name to rely on for CEREC crown fitting in the Rainier, WA area. A full-service dentist, we specialize in CEREC restorations and take pride in a well-deserved stellar reputation throughout the community.

Our dental clinic offers Rainier CEREC crown as one of the most innovative solutions for dealing with broken or decayed teeth. The process of design and manufacturing of a Rainier CEREC crown is carried out with the help of CAD/CAM technology.

Our CEREC dentist restores the natural look of damaged teeth by creating a customized tooth cap made of a strong and durable non-metallic material. Typically, zirconia or porcelain is used for making the Rainier CEREC crown.

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Rainier CEREC Dentist


A majority of people who come to our Rainier CEREC dentist are motivated to come to us by the assurance of getting a custom dental crown in a single visit. This means that a CEREC crown makes for a much faster alternative to the conventional crown option.

Meanwhile, making us your number one choice for a Rainier CEREC dentist assures you of caring, personalized attention of a highly skilled and experienced professional. Our Rainier CEREC dentist works with top-of-the-line technologies and materials to give you a high-performing tooth crown service.

We are sure that you will be happy to recommend out Rainier CEREC dentist to family and friends! Come to us for one of the leading local:

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Rainier CEREC Restorations


At our dental office, we take a very detail-oriented approach to performing Rainier CEREC restorations. We are committed not just to providing our patients with top-quality Rainier CEREC restorations, but also making sure that they have a thoroughly satisfying experience of the job.

Our dentist goes all out to ensure complete comfort of everyone who comes to us for Rainier CEREC restorations. Adequate sedation is provided at the treatment area so that the process of Rainier CEREC restorations is easy and painless for the patient.

Pleasant chair side manners and a reasonable fee further make us the right place to visit for:

  • CEREC treatment
  • CEREC tooth restoration
  • CEREC inlay
  • CEREC onlay

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